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Party Time !
Can't think what to do for your child's party? ...... Then let the SPSD team do the thinking for you.
Our dance parties are 2 hours long and held at our studios. They are packed full of excitement and fun with a range of popular dance themes from which to choose.
Suitable for any occasion, our Dance parties consist of learning one or two dance routines, traditional party games with fabulous prizes supplied by us and an extra special gift for the birthday girl / boy. We decorate the studio with balloons and banners and give all the children a fabulous party bag including a voucher for a free trial lesson at one of our timetabled weekly classes.
So, if you want to give your child a party to remember, why not let Tara and the team take the stress out of party entertaining whilst you sit back, relax and when its over - leave all the clearing up to us!  You can even sit in our lounge, have a quiet coffee and watch the fun on the in house monitors..
Our highly trained and motivated team of dance teachers will inspire the children to express themselves freely, enjoying a variety of dance styles and popular dance routines.
Please use our  enquiry  form to contact Tara for more information and bookings.
"We are so pleased we chose yourselves for Charlotte’s party. All the girls really enjoyed it and the party bags were fantastic. Comments we had back from some of the girls were “this is the best party bag I’ve ever had” and “this is the best party I’ve ever been to.” Party tea at ours consisted of 13 very excited girls. You clearly put a lot of work into it which is much appreciated.
"Just an email to say thank you once again for making our party wonderful. The kids had a great time and the party bags were amazing, all were very impressed.
I'm sure the kids will be trying to do the dance routine in the playground on Monday!"
Once you have sent your wedding invitations and you have booked the venue,  the cars, a  DJ or band, you then might start to think about your 'First Dance'.  However, don't leave it too late.
The earlier you start to learn, the more relaxed you will be on your wedding day when you take those first few steps in front of your friends and relations.

The most popular dance and easiest to learn is the Social Foxtrot, but there are many other dances such as the Waltz, Quickstep, Viennese Waltz, Rumba, Cha-Cha-Cha, Tango or Jive which can make up your 'First Dance'.
There couldn't be a better way to set the scene for your wedding party and the rest of your life together as a couple, than to step out confidently for your 'First Dance'.

When you have chosen your special first dance song, Tara will choreograph a simple yet stylish routine with which you will feel comfortable yet will have your guests looking on in amazement!  
If the wedding is some time away, you might like to consider joining one of our ballroom and Latin dance courses for beginners.  This is a great way to find out which dance you prefer and it also gives you time to learn how to dance together.
Private lessons are all about you. They are bookable in advance and are suitable for all ages and grades. We personalise each lesson based on your individual needs, desires and goals and adjust our teaching to your expectations and ability while keeping it fun, easy and enjoyable. Private lessons  are the most effective method  to achieve your performance goals.

One to one tuition enables much quicker progress. If you are taking an exam, a private lesson is helpful to achieve a higher grade, or it can help you catch up if you are unable to make any of our group classes.

Private lessons are available in 30, 45 minute or 1 hour sessions and competitive training is available for both adults and children.
"We are back from Honeymoon and had a fantastic wedding!   It was amazing.  The first dance went so well, we loved doing it!  I had to manoeuvre Jim into position at one point but no-one noticed!   The lift at the end was especially appreciated!  But, thank you so much, I'm so glad we did it, it was well worth it.  I'd love to join one of your classes.
Thanks again and lots of love" xx  Annabel
Our Group 'Adult Ballroom and Latin' classes are held in a friendly, and as you would expect, a sociable atmosphere. With the continuing success of the BBC 'Strictly Come Dancing' programme, the appetite for learning Ballroom and Latin has grown tremendously. It's a great way to meet other people. You can come as a group, a couple, or on your own. Ladies, you are guaranteed to dance a few dances with a gentleman. We have three levels in Ballroom classes, Beginners, Improvers and Advanced. You will learn to dance the Waltz, Quickstep, social and standard Foxtrot, Jive, Cha-Cha-Cha, Rumba, Samba, Paso Doble and Ballroom Tango. 
We are very proud of all the pupils who attend the school whether or not they wish to take medals, compete, or just enjoy some social dancing.
Our children’s classes are fun and sociable, especially our 'Mini Movers' Class in which we encourage children of 18 months (provided they are walking) to 3 years to explore their sense of self-being and the environment.
From the age of 3 years we then start to  explore the basics of Freestyle Disco. As well as learning the fundamentals of dance, the children are able to meet friends, have fun and start to forge relationships.
Some of our students like to take their dancing a stage further and join the world of competitions. We participate in local and national medalist events, from which we have had regular finalists and winners.
Medal Tests in all genres of dance are scheduled at least once a year with:

N.A.T.D    The National Association of Teachers of Dancing
I.S.T.D.     Imperial Society of Teachers of Dancing
Mini Movers logo
The use of movement games, music, rhythm, balls, and other props will enhance the natural curiosity and creativity of your child. We honestly believe that all forms of dance and creative movement can be beneficial to children and they should be introduced to exercise as early as possible. Introducing your child to dance is one of the best gifts you can give them.
Creative movement is a way for all children, boys and girls, to explore their sense of self-being and the environment. Parents and children will experience opportunities to move, play, and connect with each other and other families. Multi-sensory, developed and targeted movement activities will promote social, emotional, and physical awareness skills. The classes are focused around the children, however, parents will also have some special time to learn their childs' unique view of the world and share experiences with other parents.
(18 months (walking) to 3 years)
"A child sings before it speaks, dances almost before it walks, music is with us from the beginning".

Pamela Brown
British writer, actress and television producer.
Principal: Tara Prior
L.N.A.T.D (Hons)
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