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A registration form must be completed prior to a student attending one of our classes. These forms ensure we have the students' correct emergency contact details and are also used to notify us of any pre-existing medical conditions which may have a bearing  on their dance or vocal programme.
Registration forms should be completed for all new students. Existing students should complete a form at the beginning of each school year . A parent or guardian should fill out the form, or if they are self-funded or over 18 years of age by the student.
The student registration form is included in our welcome pack and can also be obtained from the class teacher or receptionist at the studio. 


It is the responsibility of the parent or guardian (or the student if self-funded or over 18 years of age), to ensure that the emergency contact details held by the school, are accurate during all class times and to ensure the nominated person is available during those times of attendance at our classes. If the nominated person changes, or changes their address or phone number, it is the parent / self-funded students' responsibility to notify the school of this change.


All courses are non-refundable. Refunds will only be issued in the unlikely event of cancellation of a class or workshop by the school and will not be issued for situations out with our control.
Tuition fees are charged on a per-half term basis, and should be settled in full within 14 days of the first class of that term. If payment is not received during this period, a late payment administration fee will be added to the invoice. If payment is not received within 4 weeks of the start of term, students may be refused entry to that class.
If a student enrolls in one of our classes part way through term time, the parent (or self-funded student) will be charged proportionately on the remaining classes in that term. They will not be required to pay the term fees in their entirety.

Payment of fees can be made by cheque (for a minimum of £40.00) payable to the 'Stephanie Prior School of Dancing Ltd.,  credit/debit card, or BACS transfer. Cheques may be placed in an envelope in the studios internal postbox or sent by mail to the school address.
Any cheques returned by our bank will attract an additional administration fee of £35 to the initial invoice.


If, for whatever reason, you wish to cancel a class with the school, we request that  parents / guardians (or self-funded pupils) do this in writing giving us one half terms notice.
This enables us to allocate our resources better and organise our classes more efficiently. We regret that fees for private lessons cannot be reimbursed, in full or in part, where less than 24 hours notice of cancellation is given.


If a student is unable to attend one of our classes for whatever reason (holidays, illness etc), we request the parent or student informs us as soon as possible. This enables us to plan and organise our classes more efficiently


In the event one of our teachers is unable to attend a class through illness, an alternative dance teacher from the school may stand in. If no substitute teacher is available, parents will be notified of a class cancellation at the earliest opportunity. When the school cancels a class, we will endeavour to provide an additional class at a suitable time in the future. If this is not achievable, or if students are unable to attend the alternative class, a refund of the single class will be made in the following terms invoice.


Dance wear purchased or ordered through the school and subsequently found to be unsuitable must be returned in a saleable condition and in its original packaging within 5 days of purchase. All dancewear must be paid for, in full, before it is removed from the school.
Students are expected to be in school uniform by the start of their second half term class.


Occasionally we may use video and stills photography to create promotional material for our dance school. This footage is for internal purposes only, and may be featured within printed material or on our website. It will not be available to third parties or organizations outside the school. If you do not wish your child to be included in such material, please notify us in the appropriate part of the welcome pack document.


As a dance school, we occasionally organise additional events and activities for our students. The standard term fees do not cover these activities and those wishing to attend the activity will incur additional costs.
From time to time, (approximately every 18 months) the school produces a dance show as a public performance in a local theatre. Anyone participating as a performer will incur additional costs to cover costumes, accessories and extra rehearsal time. Parents, and or, students, will be required to provide  some additional items of clothing and accessories needed for the routines.


The consumption of food or chewing gum is forbidden during any of our classes.
We actively encourage students to take on fluids whilst training at the school but only water within a suitable container is permitted in the studios.

In the case of all-day show rehearsals, food may only be consumed during the designated lunch break. Drinks may be consumed during breaks, with the instructors permission.


For health and safety reasons, no outdoor footwear of any description is permitted inside the studios since some students may dance in bare feet and we also need to protect the dance floor surface.
Only shoes used solely inside the building and for dance tuition, are to be worn within the studios. 
We ask our students to wear the school uniform during classes and encourage them to have their hair tied up.


We are associated to the National Association of Teachers of Dancing (N.A.T.D.)and will adopt the policies of the association and enforce, and adhere to, the Associations' statement on Child Protection, outlined here:

In addition to the guidance above, the Stephanie Prior School of Dancing  carries out risk assessments on common activities within the school and has developed Health, Fire and Safety statements and policies.
What do I need to wear?
For Ballet we use the ISTD regulation uniform.  For most other classes students must wear the school uniform comprising of a sleeveless, ruched front, kingfisher leotard and black cycling shorts or wide leg Jazz trousers but for those older students a Black cotton round neck leotard is sufficient. Uniform is not compulsory in the first two weeks of joining us, but thereafter it is. It is available to purchase through SPSD . The only two exceptions to this are Musical Theatre, where black trousers and a school logo top should be worn and Street Dance classes for which there is no specific dress code. Bare feet or dance footwear are appropriate for these classes. Bare feet are not appropriate for Rock and Roll Classes.Dancing with socks alone is not permitted at any time on health and safety grounds. Footwear for Ballroom comprises: Ladies:- Court shoe/sandals (no trainers, sling-backs or flip-flops) and Men: Lightweight, thin sole shoes (no trainers, boots or crepe soles)
Outdoor footwear is not permitted at any time beyond the reception area and therefore not in the studios
. If you are new to a Ballroom class please bring along another  pair of clean soled shoes in which to dance.

What do I need to bring with me?
A still drink in a suitable containerOnly water bottles are permitted in the studios. All other drinks must be consumed in the lounge.

How do I pay?
Payment is made each half term, which is generally either 5 or 6 weeks in advance. You will be sent an invoice via email which will detail all classes being studied.  There is a slip at the bottom of the invoice which we ask you to cut off and return with the payment. Payment can be by credit / debit card, BACS transfer or cheque (for a minimum of £40.00). Further details can be found in our 'Terms & Conditions'

Are childrens' classes divided into certain age groups?
Generally they are divided according to age and ability.Adult classes are for adults only (over 16 s)


How do I know when I can take an exam?
NATD Exam sessions are held every year. If the School Principal thinks you are ready, then about eight weeks before the next exam session you will be notified by letter.

What do I wear?
Something which shows your bodyline i.e. preferably a leotard and  dance shoes or bare feet. Minimum jewelry is allowed. Long hair should be tied back neatly. No jeans, No skirts, No trainers, No  sparkly tops , No  belly button bars. You will be advised nearer the examination on any specific clothing.

Do I dance on my own?
Generally you enter the exam room in groups of up to 3, provided the other students are dancing the same dance routine as you. If the medal you are taking is up to and including Silver Medal your dance instructor will dance the routine with you.

Who is allowed in the examination room?
In the examination room you will find, the Examiner, your dance instructor and possibly one other person operating the sound system. No spectators are permitted inside the room.

How soon do I hear the result of my exam and what do I receive?
Firstly the results are posted through to your dance instructor within two to three weeks after the exam session. You will receive notification in class of your result. Medals and certificates take slightly longer to come through and you will be invited to attend our Presentation Evening with any guests you may wish to bring.


When can I start competing?
The best place to start is at a smaller competition which is more suited to beginners. To become a member of the SPSD competition squad a student must commit to the fortnightly training session.

What do I wear?
The dress code will be specified in a letter when you receive notification of a competition.

How much does it cost?
The entrance fee can be variable but generally ranges from £13.00 to £15.00 for competitors and spectators.
Competitors are also expected to pay for appropriate clothing, and if in a team, a team costume.


How can I become a member of a team?
Firstly you must attend at least one other weekly Dance Class. You must be prepared to attend every rehearsal and be committed to your team. Selection is part-based on these qualities.

Principal: Tara Prior
L.N.A.T.D (Hons)
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